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All photos made with Zenit E, Minolta XG9, Minolta X700, Canon EOS300, Canon EOS33 and Canon EOS D60 cameras
 with 24 - 300 mm fixed focus and zoom lenses.
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Tianshan & Caucasus
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Chkhalta valley, West Caucasus (1987) Gvandra valley, West Caucasus (1987)  Elbrus, Central Caucasus (1984)
Sakeni valley, West Caucasus (1987) Gvandra Peak, West Caucasus (1987) Elbrus, Central Caucasus (1984)
Dzhety Oguz valley, Terskei Ala-Too, Kyrgyzstan (1991) Dzhungar Alatau, Kazakhstan (1991) Karakol Peak, Terskei Ala-Too, Kyrgyzstan (1991)
Korona Peak, Kyrgyz Mt.Range (1988) Alamedin Peak, Kyrgyz Mt.Range (1988) Ala Archa Glacier, Kyrgyz Mt.Range (1988)
Ala Archa Glacier, Kyrgyz Mt. Range (1988) Ala Archa, Kyrgyz Mt. Range (1988)  Bytyy valley, Kyrgyz Mt.Range (1988)
Alamedin Glacier, Kyrgyz Mt.Range (1988) Issyk-ata valley, Kyrgyzstan (1988) Naryntoo Mt. Range, Central Kyrgyzstan (1991)
Road to Naryn, Central Kyrgyzstan (1991) Issyk Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan (1991) 
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background photo: Issyk-Ata valley, Kyrgyzstan (July 1988)
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